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Wildflowers of Texas
Geyata Ajilvsgi

In this revised edition of her popular Wildflowers of Texas, native-plant expert Geyata Ajilvsgi gives lay readers the most comprehensive field guide currently available on the state's abundant wildflowers. With the addition of 100 species, the book now contains information on 482 of the most common wildflower species found in the state's major vegetation zones--from the mountains in the west to the swamplands in the east, from desert to piney woods to coastal plain, from the Panhandle to the semitropical Rio Grande Valley. Each entry reflects the most current scientific knowledge about the plant, such as recent changes in taxonomic classification.

Designed for ease of use in the field, the guide is organized by color--the most obvious characteristic of flowers. The species are thus grouped into four sections: white-green, yellow-orange, red-pink, and blue-purple. Within each color section the species are arranged alphabetically by family, then genus and species. Information about each species includes its bloom period, range and habitat, botanical description, and other helpful facts. A special note in each entry explains the plant's traditional uses--as medicine, food, a source of fiber--as well as its landscaping value. Alternate common names and the origin and meaning of the plant's scientific name are also provided, giving readers insight into the rich history and lore of botany.

To simplify the identification of wildflower species in the field, a full-color photograph of each flower appears on the page facing the entry. The book's stunning photography is the work of not only the author but also some of the best-known nature photographers around the state.

A color map of Texas shows the state's major vegetation zones, corresponding to the range codes used in the text. This enables the reader to determine at a glance the geographic range of a particular species. Other supplementary material includes a glossary of botanical terms, an illustrated glossary of plant parts, and a selected bibliography for further reading.

Geyata Ajilvsgi

Geyata Ajilvsgi (GAY-ah-tah ah-gee-LUSK), a native Texan, is uniquely qualified to write a field guide to Texas wildflowers. For most of her life she has been doing what she loves best--walking through the woods and fields photographing, studying, identifying, and collecting plants. As a novice and layperson herself in the beginning, she collected specimens for the late Donovan S. Correll, whose Manual of the Vascular Plants of Texas (written with Marshall C. Johnston) is the standard reference text on Texas flora. Her work, both for Correll and later as a vascular plant field taxonomist for an environmental consulting firm, has resulted in the addition of several species to the official listings of the state's flora. She is frequently called upon to locate and identify rare and endangered species. For a number of years, she was Herbarium Botanist with the Department of Biology, Texas A&M University.

A freelance writer and photographer, Ajilvsgi has produced other books as well as numerous articles on a range of nature subjects. Now at home in the East Texas woodlands, she pursues her art, writing, and photography.

ISBN: 0-940672-73-1
544 pages
486 color photographs
Flexibound, $19.95

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